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Thomas in Cannes

Welcome to The Last Temptation Film space…

And thank you for visiting. You are on the front page of a website with four distinct areas – each of which will be updated regularly.

The T n T Last Temptation link will take you to the latest announcements of upcoming events., including guests (as they are confirmed) and any last minute changes. Also you’ll see an archive of previous nights – with occasional links to videos of these. T n T’s Last Temptation nights began in August at the ZeroOne Studio in Hopkins Street. We are now branching out as a pop up event. Because we “move around” if you plan on coming to one of our events, be sure to check the precise details of each screening and ticket prices – to avoid disapointment. You will also be able to link through to event brite to purchase tickets on particular events.

Click on the Hamilton on Film link and you’ll be able to view an ongoing series of video essays and specially filmed interviews on a variety of cinema topics and icons – some revered, some unjustly forgotten. These will sometimes relate to our Last Temptation events, but will also explore the more eclectic end of cinema – tours of former FIlm Studio sites around London, mini documentaries on such figures as Ivan Mosjoukine, the two Tods – Browning and Slaughter, Anna May Wong and others. We hope you’ll find these entertaining and perhaps encourage the exploration of movies you wouldn’t otherwise have seen. We’d love to hear your feedback on these pieces and if particular topics prove popular we may build future Last Temptation nights around some of these.

Initially we’ll be posting some pieces from our archives. While the technical quality on these is below average – we think the content makes them worthwhile. These include a piece on the restoration of one of Michael Powell’s most neglected films – in which Tom visits Charles Doble the primary force behind this and discusses his long standing interest in Michael Powell. Then there’s a condensed version of a film night we presented at The Soho Sanctum – devoted to Conrad Veidt – with an onstage interview with the lovely Vivien Phillips – who tells the remarkable story of what became of Conrad Veidts ashes. Then there’s a feature on the development of Vitaphone sound films – in which Tom interviews Robert Gitt of UCLA and he discusses his History of Recorded Sound DVD (This was originally filmed to feature on the Westway TV website.) We hope you enjoy these. 

Our interest in film and cinema history goes beyond organising screenings and talks, and by following our Production Link (the picture of Leslie Howard) you’ll be able to read the latest news on our production activities – both in documentaries and feature film projects. This is currently the least developed area of the site but will be worked on over the next few months. There’ll be all sorts of background information and news about completed films (including news of screenings) and our works in progress. As well as being able to view clips from these – some will include links to crowd-funding campaigns – and if you’d like to become involved§ in a project you can follow the links provided.

Finally, although I’m still one of the worst social media people I know of, if you click on my smiling visage in the 4th image you’ll be taken to my Blog – what there is of it – though I will try update it on an at least weekly basis.

Nov 2016